Welcome to Mrs Carino's Music class!

MUSIC is an integral component of every student's education

The International Schools Group believes that music education:

- stands alone as an essential discipline,

- connects and relates to other curricular areas,

- builds cognitive fluency, and

- encourages development of aesthetic values, emotional expression, social skills, and cultural awareness.

As creators, evaluators, listeners, performers, advocates and consumers, students will gain a better appreciation and broader understanding of music and life. 

Program Outcomes

1.      Perform- Students will perform, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.

2.      Create-  Students will create and improvise melodies, variations and accompaniments.

3.      Develop Literacy- Students will develop literacy through reading and notating music.


4.      Listen and Respond - Students will listen to, analyze, describe, and evaluate music.


6.      Understand Global Connections- Students will understand music in relation to other disciplines, history, and culture.